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Art & Culture for Peaceful Resistance

The time for creative peaceful resistance has arrived. Our adversaries may have lots of money and elected leaders to assert their ideological goals through legislation, and, in some instances, access to those carrying the badge. But we have the highest moral ground there is: we have reason, we have love, we have dignity, we have courage, and we have history on our side.

Most social justice struggles in the world have had some kind of artistic and cultural expression. The fight for immigrant rights in the United States is no exception. Arts and culture build unity, pride and identity. And when oppressed people are proud of who they are, no one can humiliate them. When impoverished communities do not live in fear, they cannot be subjected. When marginalized people come together, they cannot be broken. And when there is unity, pride and courage, no one will dare to oppress our people.

Alto Arizona is calling on all artists, painters, poets, musicians, visual artists, performers and filmmakers to use their talents to help the migrant communities and their supporters in Arizona. Help us turn uncertainty, fear and anger into courage to fight, courage to peacefully resist, and courage to love even our adversaries.

The human and civil rights crisis in Arizona demands our creativity. Please help us recover the suffering and sentiment of people through song and poetry. Let's bring it back to the people and to make another world possible. Please help us turn every oppressive circumstance into an experience of emancipation...because when art is used to educate and bring people together, culture becomes a tool for resistance and liberation.


Read About Poster Contest

We are calling all artists who are opponents of this bill to take ACTION and create an IMAGE. These images will be used as part of our online viral campaign for ALTO ARIZONA. Selected images will eventually be published as prints to generate revenue for this campaign with the consent of the artist. Hechenle Ganas.

Create an image that shows your opposition to SB 1070. Keep in mind the effect this bill will have on immigrants if fully enforced.
Make sure to include the title of the bill in the work which is: "SB 1070".
Send all submissions and questions to

Image size must be 18x24 inches with a 1/2 inch border all the way around.
The reason for these dimensions is because if in the future your image is chosen to be published the image is ready to go.

Also visit and become a fan of the Facebook "Alto Arizona Art Campaign" Fan Page.

Click here to submit your artwork.


Video: Dr. Cornel West speaks on the importance of Art and Culture in a Social Movement

October 2, 2010 @ Tonatierra Nahuacalli Embassy of Indigenous People in Phoenix, AZ. Interviewed and filmed by Ernesto Yerena.


El Circulo Creativo Hispano Posters

El Círculo es una asociación de creativos publicitarios que trabajan en el mercado Latino de Estados Unidos. Con más de 50 agencias y 400 creativos repartidos por todo el país, el Circulo se conforma como una voz única dentro de los creativos hispanos de USA. Como Hispanos que somos queremos demostrar nuestra repulsa a esta ley y lo queremos hacer con la única arma que sabemos utilizar, nuestras ideas. Por eso hace unos meses planteamos a nuestros creativos la posibilidad de enfrentarnos pacíficamente a la sin razón que representa la aprobación de esta ley y así crear una colección de posters que demostrara nuestra repulsa a tan injusta ley. El resultado fueron estas 32 piezas. 32 gritos pacíficos a sumar a los millones que día a día continúan y continuaran luchando en contra de la discriminación por razones de sexo raza o religión.

Curro Chozas
Presidente del Circulo Creativo Hispano de Estados Unidos y Director Creativo de Grupo Gallegos, California.


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