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Press Releases

  • Media Advisory: Immigrant Rights Supporters and Legal Advocates To Hold Rally and Press Conference in Response to 9th Circuit Appellate Court Hearing on SB 1070 PDF
  • Media Advisory: Tele-Briefing at 1pm Eastern 10/28/10: Emergency Injunction sought re Controversial DHS/ICE program PDF
  • Press Release: National Day Laborer Organizing Network Calls Pearce's New Initiative 'Backward' PDF
  • Press Release: Immigrant, Labor, Civil and Human Rights Advocates Urge Los Angeles Board of Supervisors to Vote No on Anti-Immigrant and Racial Profiling Program 287(g), October 6, 2010 PDF
  • Press Release: NDLON Reaction to DHS Press Conference, October 6, 2010 PDF
  • Media Advisory: Dr. Cornel West, Joins Arizona Human Rights Movement At Talk this Saturday 10/2/10, PDF
  • NDLON Press Release: Groups Condemn Merger of Criminal Justice & Immigration Systems, September 29, 2010 PDF
  • Press Release: Arlington and Santa Clara Join SF in Demanding to Opt Out of Flawed ICE Program, September 29, 2010 PDF
  • Dream Act Statement: AFL-CIO Executive Council Statement, August, 2010 PDF
  • Press Release: NDLON Reaction to GOP efforts to amend Constitution: "What part of Unconstitutional don't you understand?," August 3, 2010 PDF
  • Soundstrike Artists Rage Against the Machine, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band Hold Press Conference Regarding Benefit Concert to Support Organizations Fighting Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law SB 1070, July 19, 2010 PDF
  • NDLON Reaction to DeMint/Vitter Effort to Block DOJ Lawsuit, July 14, 2010 PDF
  • Day Laborers Respond to DOJ Lawsuit In Arizona, July 7, 2010 PDF
  • Press Advisory: Good Step, More Action Needed! US Department of Justice Files Lawsuit Against SB1070 Reactions from Human Rights Leaders in Arizona, July 6, 2010 PDF
  • National Day Laborer Organizing Network Response to President's Speech, July 1, 2010 PDF
  • Ad-Hoc Congressional Hearing on Arizona SB1070 to Expose the Law’s Devastating Impact on Women and Children, June 7, 2010 PDF
  • Press Release: NDLON and Civil Rights Groups Ask Court to Block Implementation of Arizona’s Racial Profiling Law during Legal Battle, June 5, 2010 PDF
  • NDLON Press Release Regarding Obama's Meeting with Jan Brewer, June 3, 2010 PDF
  • NDLON Organizes Solidarity Bus Ride To National Convergence Against SB 1070, May 27, 2010 PDF
  • Highest Grossing female Mexican Regional Tour Artist, Jenni Rivera, Lends Voice to Defend the People of Arizona, May 27, 2010 PDF
  • Press Release: Resistance Against SB1070 Escalates: Massive National Mobilization in Phoenix on May 29, 2010 and New Boycott Targets Unveiled, May 25, 2010 PDF
  • NDLON reaction to President's Announcement on Troops to Border, May 25, 2010 PDF
  • MALDEF and Other Civil Rights Groups File Legal Challenge to Arizona Racial Profiling Law, May 17, 2010 PDF
  • "Peace March and Community Gathering," Douglas For Just Immigration Reform—SB1070, May 15, 2010 PDF
  • In Response to Arizona SB 1070, Cuéntame Launches “Move the Game” Campaign & Releases Statement, May 14, 2010 PDF
  • Border Leaders Provide Recommendations for Real, Effective Border Security, National Immigration Forum, may 11, 2010 PDF
  • All 14 Participants Freed From Jail After Non-Violent
Civil Disobedience to Protest Arizona’s SB 1070, We Are All Arizona, May 10, 2010 PDF
  • "WE ARE ALL ARIZONA," Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), May 10, 2010 PDF
  • #SB1070 Statement of the Women’s Emergency Human Rights Delegation Phoenix, AZ, CODEPINK, May 9, 2010 link
  • Charles Schumer Letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer regarding SB 1070 and Immigration Reform, May 6, 2010 PDF
  • Society of American Law Teachers (“SALT”) issues a letter to President Obama asking for Federal Intervention on AZ's SB1070, May 5, 2010 PDF
  • ADL Applauds Suns, Sarver for Symbolic Gesture, May 5, 2010 PDF
  • Statement by NDWA (National Domestic Workers Alliance) and NDLON (National Day Laborer Organizing Network), May 5, 2010 PDF
  • UNASUR rechazó ley de inmigración de Arizona, May 5, 2010, PDF
  • DC District Council Today Unanimously Introduces Legislation to limit Police-ICE partnerships. Chants of "No More Arizonas!!!", NDLON, May 3, 2010 PDF
  • TONATIERRA: Origins of Racial Profiling in the State of Arizona, May 2, 2010 PDF
  • Flashback to 2006: Wisconsin Mobilizes on May Day against Extreme Anti-Immigrant Legislation, Voces de La Frontera, April 30, 2010 PDF
  • Border Angels Statement on SB 1070 & Current State on Immigration Reform, April 30, 2010 PDF
  • ICE Memo Leaked: ICE Uses Spin and Deception in Response to Rights Groups' FOIA and Events, April 29, 2010 PDF (attached ICE Memo PDF)
  • Press Statement: Let There Now Be A Bill, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), April 29, 2010 PDF
  • May Day - Why We March, Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), April 28, 2010 PDF
  • We Are All Arizona!, Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), April 28, 2010 PDF
  • Message from Mexico: to the Mobilization of the Assembly of Peoples in Arizona, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • Tonatierra Letter to David Lujan, President, Phoenix Union High School District, to adopt NON-COMPLIANCE policy re: SB1070, Aptil 28, 2010 PDF
  • Arizona is ground zero for national May 1 Immigrant Rights Mobilizations, Puente Movement AZ, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • San Francisco Resolution calling for a boycott of the State of Arizona and Arizona-based businesses until Arizona repeals SB 1070, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • Black, Hispanic State Legislators Pull Joint Conference From Arizona Venue, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • ADL Disturbed At Increasing Use Of Nazi/Holocaust Analogies In Response To Arizona Immigration Law, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • MALDEF, ACLU and NILC to Announce Challenge to Arizona Racial Profiling Law at a Press Conference in Phoenix On Thursday, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • Rep. Yvette D. Clarke Denounces Arizona Immigration Law with Members of Congress, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • Arizona's Punishing Law Doesn't Fit the Crime, Immigration Policy Center, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • Statement from People of North Carolina to Stand Against Arizona's SB1070, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • Congressman Flake Calls on Congress to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, April 28, 2010 PDF
  • Statement of Unity on May 1st- A Call to Immigrant Organizations & Workers Center, April 27, 2010 PDF
  • Episcopal Church Statement, Office of Government Relations calls for comprehensive immigration reform, April 27, 2010 PDF
  • National Urban League: Arizona Law "A Disaster in the Making," April 27, 2010 PDF
  • AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka On Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law, April 27, 2010 PDF
  • A Plea to the President and the People of America, Free Arizona, Gihan Perera, Miami Workers Center, April 27, 2010 PDF
  • Collected Press Statements on SB 1070, (58 Pages) PDF
  • Community Indictment and Order to Appear: AZ Governor Jan Brewer, Tonatierra, April 26, 2010 PDF
  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Statement on Arizona’s Excessive Immigration Law, April 26, 2010 PDF
  • Religious Leaders Denounce SB 1070 as Sin, Racism; Southern Arizona Clergy Call for Solidarity and Resistance, April 26, 2010 PDF
  • National South Asian Organization Condemns Anti-Immigrant Arizona Law Resulting in Profiling, April 26, 2010 PDF
  • Arizona's Call to the Nation "The Story of the Struggle," Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Senior Pastor, First Institutional Baptist, April 25, 2010 PDF
  • Reform Movement Condemns Passage of Anti-Immigrant Bill in Arizona , April 25, 2010, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism PDF
  • "AILA Cancels Arizona Conference," April 24, 2010 PDF
  • San Diego Communities Express Solidarity with the People of Arizona and Denounce SB 1070, April 24, 2010, Raza Rights Coalition PDF
  • JACL Expresses Concern Over Arzona Immigrant Law, April 23, 2010 PDF
  • Raúl Grijalva Letter to President Obama Regarding SB 1070, April 23, 2010 PDF
  • "Statement of Pablo Alvarado in reaction to Governor Brewer's signature on SB 1070," April 23, 2010 PDF
  • Lawsuit Challenges Secrecy of ICE Program, Rights Groups Say Heightened Local, State Police Collaboration is Dangerous, April 23, 2010, PDF
  • "ADL Laments Governor Brewer’s Decision to Sign SB 1070 into Law," April 23, 2010, The Anti-Defamation League PDF
  • "Congressman Plans Weekend Trip to Arizona to Stand with Latinos and Immigrants in Opposition to State Measure," April 23, 2010, U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) PDF
  • "NDLON Reaction to Governor's Signing of SB 1070," April 23, 2010 PDF
  • "NDLON Reaction to President's comments on Arizona," April 23, 2010 PDF
  • "Pablo Alvarado Statement on Unfolding Events in AZ (ESPAÑOL/SPANISH)," April 23, 2010 PDF
  • "Remarks by The President at A Naturalization Ceremony for Active-Duty Service Members," April 23, 2010, The White House PDF
  • California Legislative Tri-Caucus (Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, Latino Legislative Caucus, Legislative Black Caucus) Letter to Gov. Jan Brewer, April 22, 2010 PDF
  • "Proposed Arizona Law Would Declare Open Season on People of Color," April 22, 2010, National Immigration Law Center (NILC)
  • "Police Foundation letters forwarded to MSNBC and the Governor of Arizona," April 22, 2010 PDF
  • "Come to the Sidewalk in front of the Downtown Sheraton and tell Governor Brewer to Veto SB 1070," April 22, 2010, PUENTE Movement PDF
  • "Police Chiefs Warn Pending Immigration Bill in Arizona Threatens Public Safety," April, 21, 2010 PDF
  • "Civil Rights and Immigrant Rights Leaders Repudiate Racial Profiling Law, AZ SB1070, Call for Its Veto," April 21, 2010, MALDEF PDF
  • "On Eve of SB 1070 in Arizona: 22 Jurisdictions Join Failed Police and ICE Program," April 20, 2010 PDF
  • "NDLON’s Response to ICE Enforcement Operations," April 15, 2010 PDF
  • "NDLON responds to the passage of Arizona SB 1070," Tuesday, April 13, 2010 PDF
  • "DHS Issues Report on Its Disgraced 287(g) Program, NDLON responds: 'It Should Be ENDED not MENDED,'" Friday, April 2, 2010 PDF
  • "MALDEF Questions Timing and Consequences of Federal Raids Today in Arizona," April 14, 2010, MALDEF News Release


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